Hitting TAB didn’t seem to do anything, not sure if I held it down though. Is it the processor cache or some onboard memory in the motherboard? Hitting “del” to enter setup does nothing. In there, you’ll find a USB Emulation setting turned on. There is a program called memtest

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Maybe MSI boards are just more finicky about voltages.

Microstar (MSI) K9MM-V VGA Driver v6.14

Could the thermal compound have broken down or something? All I know is it’s not RAM.

Such as a low “gear noise”? I got this motherboard just last September and I have a quality serge protector so I hope it hasn’t gone bad already. J9mm-v kind of want to switch down to a lower wattage power supply since my comp is really very pretty basic and all the extra cables muck up my airflow.

So what can I do short of replacing the motherboard that might fix this? In fact, it is the exact same result if I have no drives plugged in at eisplay. We have had numerous issues with the brand.

More and more it’s looking like this mobo is a lemon and I’m gonna have to send it back to MSI. I didn’t have any USB devices plugged in. There are no beeps or error messages at all, it just stays at that screen no matter how long I wait.


It just hangs on that first screen. At some point, it decided not to detect my hard drive and Jsi switched it over to the other SATA connection and it’s been working since. Also, every now and again it will still hang at the same spot it’s been hanging. L9mm-v Help Search Login Register.

What can Windows tell you about the error? What memory, exactly, is it testing on the “Memory Testing” line anyway?

Support For K9MM-V | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI USA

If no change try with different PSU. Is it the processor cache or some onboard memory in the motherboard? A Repair install of Windows, with minimum hard ware, is something else to try. The RAM checks fine if it ever gets past that point. I managed to get into BIOS setup you have to hit del at just the exact right second and turn of that darn splash screen.

I’ve never seen a problem like this so I will nsi you all in advance for your help. So to resurrect this old thread.

MSI K9MM-V – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 – K8M800 Series

k9mm-f Cost more than the motherboard and, as I said, I checked the voltages it put out and they were fine. As far as power supply concerns, I checked out the voltages in the BIOS setup and they were reasonable. I am posting this from work since the computer in question is the only one I have at home so unfortunately I cannot check what BIOS I’m running. This is the first I found, haven’t tested: For one, it’s brand new.


I am starting to think that maybe I should just get it turned on once and then leave it on for the rest of eternity. How do you all feel about PC Power and Cooling power supllies.

Any advice on how to proceed would be much appreciated. Now it gets to the XP startup screen but when it gets to the point where that’s done, the screen goes blank and my system restarts.

I 9kmm-v been Googling like crazy and can’t figure it out. D It’s really tough to troubleshoot since it works sometimes and not other times no matter what I have plugged in so I can’t tell if it’s working because of something I changed or because it just decided to work that time.