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Brand Manager for Mobiblu? The Mobiblu’s spindles may be geared together, but they’ve still got little friction compared with a real tape, and so some tape decks will still decide they’re dealing with a broken tape and refuse to run their motors, lest they fill themselves with iron oxide spaghetti. The clincher, here, is that the DAH’s not terribly expensive, for what it is. MMC cards think ‘thin’ SD aren’t readily available. The Mobiblu player can also record from the radio; when it does, it fixes its volume setting, again to avoid clipping.

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That’s about where the dh MP3 player feature set stops, though. The Duo-DX looks remarkably like the Mobiblu product. Also it’s an FM radio, FM and voice recorder.

Apart from that, though, you’re on your own. This is exactly what happened when I tried the Mobiblu mobibllu in my car cassette deck; the deck wouldn’t play, fast-forward or rewind, so I couldn’t use the track-skip feature. But the headphone output is quite clean and strong, and the FM tuner works fine; if that’s all you want in the headphone-player department, it’ll pass.

MobiBlu DAH-220 Manuals

Feature list OK – so what’s the same, and what’s different? Voice notes are recorded as 32 kilobit per second AD PCM files, which gives you about 18 hours of voice-note space in the DAH’s player’s internal memory, if you don’t put anything else there. If you want to see how you’re supposed to operate the Mobiblu player, feel free to check out the PDF-format manual, here if only jobiblu the helpful warnings.

Self-contained – no cables required.


The tuners, these days, are often real integrated components, not some gimmicky separate unit. And, unlike the bad old days when digital cameras and MP3 players could only talk to computers through some piece of proprietary software, the modern versions all work as USB Mass Storage Devices; you just plug ’em into a current Windows PC or Mac or, probablyLinux box and they turn up as a removable drive.

The Mobiblu player’s tape spindles, you see, aren’t just decorative. It wasn’t very exciting either, though.

There’s a very good chance you own a basic cassette adapter already. The things are on sale in nobiblu stores now, for heaven’s sake; they’ll be in cereal boxes next week. If only you could select better sound quality.

It’s possible, by the way, to add an extension antenna to gadgets that use the headphone-cord-antenna strategy; you just wind a bit of wire around the bottom of the headphone plug.

Mobiblu DAH-220 MP3 Player @ Dan’s Data.

Normal humans will need some further explanation. Un-adjustable cassette adapters, including some cassette-shaped MP3 players, give terrible results with some decks.

It’s FM-only, it’s got the usual seek-and-store features just as well, with no display or analogue tuning wheeland it works well enough. The cassette adapter heads on both players work both ways, so you can also record to both players just like a regular tape. Heck, it doesn’t even have random play, as far as I can see; the manual mentions it once in the opening feature list, then doesn’t give you 220 clue about how you’re supposed to turn it on.

Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. Many similar cassette-style MP3 players can be found on eBay, but most of these have a power or audio cable ,obiblu which precludes its use in many cassette players unless an opening can be made for the cable – too awkward.


MobiBLU DAH Tech Reviews, Firstpost

Both players have an exceedingly mogiblu interface – four buttons including two two-way rocker switchesone tiny bi-colour LED green and red on the Digisette, blue and red on the Mobiblu It comes with both the Digisette and the Mobiblu. But that’s untidy, and you’ll probably need to rig up some kind of cradle for the player if you want to be able to a control it while b preventing it from going ballistic should Advanced Driving transpire.

Aus PC Market no longer sell the Mobiblu player, but they’ve got plenty of others! Sure, you can pay about the same to get on the waiting list for a 1Gb iPod Shuffleand there are plenty of other options in the same price range that also have much mobjblu storage than the Mobiblu player.

You can achieve the same goal, of course, with a normal MP3 player and cheap cabled cassette adapter.

The super-minimal interface and lack mibiblu a display hurt it, of course. The files are stored in their native “. Fortunately, though, the DAH has had some considerable updates.

Pressing the cassette’s buttons in certain ways calls up equaliser settings and bookmarks.

It’ll take less than ten minutes to fill the whole Mb, though, so the slow transfer rate isn’t terribly painful.