If there is a way to get the beast running using spark only, then I’m just that much closer to convert to FI later. No part of this manual may be reproduced or changed without written permission from James Murray, Ken Culver and Philip Ringwood. The resistance between two of the connections will stay the same when the throttle is moved. This is the supply for an ‘warm-up indicator LED’. For details on how to hook it to your tach, see your tach installation manual or OEM service manual. Mine is old with four pickup coils and I have been thinking that I could fire two cylinders at the same time.

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Using wasted spark on cylinders degrees out of phase will not work.

For example, you could use the battery supply voltage nominally 12 Volts as long as you increase the current limiting resistor value to 1K Ohms to keep the current within limits. You can buy shielded wire for this, or microsqurt 2 to 3 layers of aluminum foil have a look into your kitchen around the wires and connect the shield to ground.

When used as microsquit spare portthis output can drive up to 5 Amps absolute maximum 4 Amps is a safer limit. Make an ignition table I would actually be able to use the stock coils in this case, since each VB would only be driving a single coil.

To reflect this the support structure has also changed to meet the needs of MegaSquirt Users. You connect the cathode short lead of and LED light emitting diode to this wire. I have some parts, but I am definitely a 6 months away from diving into the project.

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It would also be good if you had a picture of the stock trigger wheels. What has changed is that the method of MegaSquirt support today has rapidly moved to Facebook, this is where the vast majority of interaction is happening now. All of the ground wires should be run to the same spot on the engine to avoid ground loops. Introduction Before commencing wiring, be sure to have identified the ignition coils you are using and determined if they are high-current or logic-level type; or whether you are using a CDI box.

MicroSquirt® Wiring

For details on how to hook it to your tach, see your tach installation manual or OEM service manual. Or you could use some other voltage source beside Vref. Switch it to measure resistance. However, I have been reading, and thinking about this a midrosquirt, and I’m not sure if my engine will work using only two pick-up coil inputs.

As I remember there is two coils quite close to each other and then other twos are, let’s say, some 70 degrees from these two. Logic level ignition output The Microsquirt features two logic ignition outputs as standard.

The sensor must be a negative temperature coefficient meaning the resistance decreases as the temperature increases.

Microsquirt V – Spark/ignition output

The longer lead of the LED you connect to microquirt Ohm resistor, then connect the other ginition of the resistor to the Vref wire 5 Volts. If you have a question, comment, or suggestion for this FAQ please post it on the forum. The third is the sense wire to MegaSquirt. I have been looking for to find out a solution but with no luck If someone really get Vmax engine ignition work with Microsquirt then I think there would be many happy faces here.


So you need 4 ignition lines, plus you ignitjon different and large individual offsets for each ignition line. Feel free to search the forums for information, facts, and overview. Write the code needed for the four separate ignition outputs 5. This is a dedicated sensor ground wire. With an MSD box, the ignition module wires you need to know about are:.

This is one of several ground wire pins 18 through Add two extra VB transistor to the board to provide a total of 4 ignition channels 2. Mine is old with four pickup coils and I have been thinking that I could fire two cylinders itnition the same time.

This may be a 0 to 1 Volt signal directly from a narrow band sensor, or a 0 to 5 Volt signal from a wide band sensor controller. The MegaSquirt Project has experienced explosive growth other the years, with hundreds of new MS installations occurring every week – lgnition phenomenal success!

Second ignition input signal Input 2 for a cam position sensor or second crank sensor with the Dual Spark option. This pin is connected to the output from a MAP sensor that puts out a 0 to 5 Volt signal roughly proportional to absolute pressure.