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Followed the downgrade instructions and all OK but I think I must be ‘copying’ incorrectly because the drive is a brick when I’ve finished. Anyway, can you help me in other way? Have your hacked firmware for the drive you want to use as a replacement for the Lite-On ready. All drives and the corresponding flash chips are detected automatically. It is very frustrating and i feel stuck after all the hard work is done. In other words, has your drive the same label stick reporting SVC Code:

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TouristFeb 7, When replacing the DVD Drive: Thanks TwinParadox for you help.

Sorry for the excess bs but its very frustrating for me as ive been at this over a week now, any ideas at all would be mega appreciated. Oof the instructions indicate, you MAY need to do this a couple of times for successful detection. Don’t brick your BenQ!

% Firmware Downgrade for ASUS BWD1HT and LG BH16NS55 – Page 7 –

Hi guys, I seem to have killed my wh14ns40 service tbe ns50, it is recognized and opens tray but cant read anything. Looking inside your 1. Liteons are simple to flash but getting the data to dump for you to flash to it is tricky. When was the drive damaged?


Hi all, after failing with a Benq drive, i had to trash that xbox really have to thank my friend Use the table below to find the correct location. Next, open the hacked firmware and find the correct range to replace in the table below.

Thought about giving my friend another chance All drives and the corresponding flash chips are detected automatically. Andreas DaumFeb 8, Share This Page Tweet. It’s all about DOS!

Apr 26, Messages: I did follow the data mover step…selecting the good 1. Do you have it?

You must log in or sign up to reply here. After a bit of swearing, i checked around to look qtapi a guide, about a softmod. I do not know if everything went well because I had to repeat the operation several times.

In addition you of course need a new DVD drive to put the key on once it’s dumped. If you write the patched 3E sector to a new and unknown firmware version this could potentially kill your drive. It requires a serial adapter and SATA controller.


DosFlash v2.0 Build 20110903 Download

We have modernized the DosFlash V2. TeddyRaspinFeb 8, The sound that just played was a test. Argh, so near and yet so far! Try the zip file I attached before please and let me know if it works it should as you said you have a device manufactered in October Please send me your 1. You can of course use my calibration data now. Do you want to resend the command until the drive responds? The tray has to stay half open during the process.