USB devices


Delivered online or on-site. Protecting the IoT with Invisible Keys. It will spend most of its time blocked on a semaphore – waiting to be woken by interrupts generated by incoming network packets. I recall something about problems when transmitting exactly 64 bytes of data. It is that time of the year when we need to pay for web hosting and buy new components and equipment for new tutorials.

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Open a web browser on the connected computer. You can help by making a donation. Functionality The demo application creates 27 tasks. You should use some others work as reference in the beginning.

Installing the SAM-BA USB CDC Driver for Atmel ARM Microcontroller in Windows

Perhaps what you are experiencing is related to that. You program the serial interface and you just install a ready available driver at the PC side. Press F7 or select “Build All” from the “Project” menu to build the demo application.

Switch to the debugging perspective. Now we are getting calls from our customers that somehow functions that worked a few weeks ago are now not responding.

The served RTOS stats page The RTOS stats page provides run time information on the state of each task within the system – including the stack high water mark the minimum amount of stack there has been available at any time since the task started executing.


Running the demo application Once again – please refer to the Eclipse ush and configuration instructions for more detailed information. This makes the page relatively fast to load.

The page will reload approximately every two seconds – depending on network load. After installing the driver, it can be tested by using the SAM-BA application software on the PC, or by using a terminal emulator as shown here. DS4 toggling every 5 seconds indicates that all the standard demo tasks are executing without error. Users must familiarise themselves with the respective licenses. The target hardware will serve the web pages described below to a standard web browser. Thread aware file system Hint: Use the dialog box to navigate to the folder containing the driver.

Use a terminal software program such as Bray’s Terminal.

AT91SAM | using usb of at91sam7X

But if we send data which is 7 or 9 bytes long, it is beeing accepted. Start the terminal program, select the COM port shown in device manager, e. at91samx7256


The error message should only appear on the first attempt. Note that these pages transmit each line individually so will not load quickly.

Contribute to this website by clicking the Donate button. I am sorry that I cant provide more details.

Any hints for the next steps? I already added new drivers atmusb This also only occurs when the host system uses Windows XP.

AT91SAM7X SAM7X SAM7X256 Evaluation Kit, Ethernet, USB, UART, CAN, SD

You must ensure that the configured MAC address is unique on the network to which the prototyping board is being connected. Electrical Engineer – Power Electronics Lead the design of kW-level power systems for our satellites, manage and Ensure an Ethernet cable is connected as described above. Friday, January 5, This is the directory to select when prompted for a workspace location during the Eclipse startup process.

It therefore contains many more files than used by this demo.