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Garmin should listen to the many complaints and re-write everything in an intuitive arrangement using standard English. I’ve been trying to download maps on it and here’s what I’ve done so far: Is there a bug with Openstreet Map routing?? Most footpaths were marked and plenty of elevation data in the form of elevation lines provided a visual clue of my environment. I suppose I’m mostly neutral on the subject. The external antenna connector provides the option of using the unit in a vehcile or boat where there is no clear view of the sky. Some parts of the trail involved thick canopy cover through the forests..

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Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Review –

Overall the GPS is a kap unit, however Garmin’s practice of locking software to a specific GPS unit will send me to the competitors on my next purchase. Answers Answers and Comments. I kept picturing the engineering team at Garmin sitting at a big round table and some dope standing up stating “I have a great idea for the new model! Other than that this is worth its weight in gold.

The 60CSx screen is 38mm across and 56mm tall.

This results in selecting the wrong letter or menu option more often than I care to accept without frustration. Be the first one to answer this question! There are a great many options allowing you to customise the device just the way that you want it.


Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Handheld

If you have the extra money this is the better buy, if you are not able to come up with the extra dollars the Explorist is still a good selection.

Rubber covers protect the connectors.

Battery life is better than either the Oregon or Colorado. Let’s 60xsx the user push 5 buttons to do the same thing as the 60 CSx takes only 3 to do.

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Review

While their more budget-conscious trail products eTrex retain tactile interfaces the move now is for touchscreen versatility. It works absolutely fabulous!!! It would get signal almost as fast inside as it does outside. This is one of many GPS units I own and by far my favorite. Any ideas of where to go from here? There is also a big print option with fewer values. Bar to 6c0sx a line break simply add two spaces to where you would like the new line to be.

Jap found myself cursing it daily. A rugged construction and rubberised buttons make this a good unit to take on a trek. Its IPX standard waterproofing which means you 60cwx submerge this unit in water, so heavy rain will not affect this unit.


You can expect it to work in all but the most challenging situations.

This… December 13, Beaux Pilgrim guest Rating: Battery life is approximately 16 hours which checked out well in real life. I have never dropped below 3d coverage with the Garmin unit. I’m confident that if I got lost, I’d have plenty of juice to spare. Reliable GPS reception, clear display, and easy menu.

All this in a package that seems to appreciate the occasional drop onto rocks! I’ve been trying to download maps on it and here’s what I’ve done so far: But that comes at a price, as I found it draining the batteries significantl y faster.

Altitude data was very accurate too, most of the time reading similar figures to the OS paper maps I was holding.

I remember having to constantly “scroll around” to get an idea of where I was with my Vista. The slot for the microSD data card is under the batteries. Garmin charges for their software and locks its city versions to only one GPS unit. Think about this carefully.