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If you decide to buy this phone, make sure that your GSM network does not operate on the frequency. Battery life was acceptable — it’s quoted at around minutes’ talk time and hours on standby. The sight of the red glowing touchpad could easily grab any person’s heart. So if you are one of the people out there hoping that LG KG might turn out as the next Walkman competitor or the next beat-’em-all camera phone, we only have 2 words for you: The keypad features black keys with white alphanumeric symbols and each key is either matte or glossy, creating a chequered effect. Apple should stop making iPhone cases. We would have admired the fact that the manufacturer allows you to use high-quality headphones if you want to if it wasn’t for the mediocre capabilities of the MP3 player itself.

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More chocolaye related to this product. While this is a very useful feature we would have preferred more internal storage space or an expandable memory card slot. The pg keypad incorporates an interesting design solution since some of the keys are made out of matt plastic and others out of glossy plastic. Touchpad and numeric keypad glowing in the dark When the key lock is turned on closing the slider locks the availability of user input unless you open it up back again.

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If you want to end a call you can slide the phone shut or use the end key, but if you press the cancel button on the bottom right corner of the front, nothing happens. The camera took decent quality photos and video for MMS messaging and viewing on the phone, but compared to the Ki, they were more distorted and pixellated when we printed them out.


I checked Lg chocolate 3 skin covers out at internet and they seemed pretty good – they were even giving them away free if you gave htem your current old chunky case. On the left side of the phone are two volume buttons.

Yes Phone features Notifications: The battery cover is situated in the lower back part and is part of the mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery itself. The only other drawback to the phone was chodolate touchpad.

The Chocolate phone scratches very easily.

Otherwise, as regards the technical side of the device, there aren’t any posh features that would stun the regular tech buffs. The newly revealed numeric part of the keypad is crafted in a great way and is really easy to use. We would have admired the fact chocopate the manufacturer allows you to use high-quality headphones if you want to if it wasn’t for the mediocre capabilities of the MP3 player itself. The phone features an innovative touchpad which is used for menu navigation and it’s a wonderful piece of design which really adds to the classy overall feel of the handset.

LG KG – Full phone specifications

Loading up your own tunes requires a bit more work. Fashionable design High-quality finish 1. The FCC was established by the Communications Act of and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. As for the stylish retail package, the box should include a stereo headset, a pouch, a neck strap, a MP3 remote control with a 3. Is 5G safe or dangerous?


LG Chocolate KG800 – Wine Red (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

The version that I bough t was a UK model. Fortunately this phone is particularly attractive too, and doesn’t seem out of place when you unclasp the magnetic clip on the front of the box and open it up. Don’t show this again.

On the top right side of the phone is the covered charging port that doubles up as the headphone port and a USB port.

Date approved – Shows the date when the particular phone is approved by the Federal Communications Commission.

LG Chocolate (KG800)

We unsuccessfully tried pressing the touch pad with a pencil so we might conclude that it isn’t likely that you could press some keys incidentally in your pocket. Official LG photos Key features: The chocolate is a tri band phone and does not have the mhz bandwidth. The screen on the front measures 33 chocolafe 40mm and displayscolours.

There’s also no speakerphone, which means no conference calls or handsfree facility. Nothing to worry about! The Chocolatee is a mysterious thing concealing a screen and a heat sensitive touch pad that glows red to show you exactly where to gently press.

When style meets class When closed, in fact you could only really see a black shiny surface and a silver rectangle that surrounds the central OK button on the touchpad – the display and the red touchpad lay hidden beneath the shiny surface.

Back panel view The battery cover is hard to disengage in fact.