Click the Help icon for additional instructions. If Kodak is unable to repair or replace a Product, Kodak will, at its option, refund the purchase price paid for the Product provided the Product has been returned to Kodak together with proof of the purchase price paid. Description The scanned file is sent to the USB-connected computer. Loading The Photo Paper Tray 2. Picture prints on the paper in the bottom tray. Printhead Color ink cartridge If you use any other phone cord, you may not be able to send or receive faxes successfully.

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KODAK ESP 9200 Series All-in-One Printer — Extended User Guide

Click Preview or Scan Allthen follow the on-screen instructions. Wipe the glass with a soft cloth or sponge, slightly moistened with a nonabrasive glass cleaner.

Move both the koeak and front paper-edge guides until they touch the paper. Make sure that Home Center Software is installed on the computer. Use only paper that is designed for inkjet printers.

Using The Lcd Keyboard Select No, my printer is not listedthen click Next. Maintaining Your Printer 6. The printer detects the size of the Remove both ink cartridges and set them aside.


Pinch the tab on the ink cartridge and lift it out of the printhead.

Page 44 Print Sizethen seies To prevent loss of data from your memory card, camera, or portable drive, do not remove it from the printer while printing. Fax Settingsthen press OK.

Kodak ESP 9200 Extended User Manual

However, Kodak recommends cleaning the scanner glass and lid regularly to remove dust and fingerprints, which affect the quality and accuracy of scanning. Phone seies answering machine If not, go to www. Scanning Multiple Pictures Simultaneously 7.

Page 5 Safety information If the document backing needs further cleaning, use isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth, then wipe thoroughly with a cloth moistened with water to remove any residual alcohol. Black ink cartridge Checking ink levels, page Do not use non-Kodak brand or refilled ink cartridges. Then change the scan settings in the Home Serkes Software.

Do not load photographs in the ADF. Place the new printhead into the carriage. Page 1 paper stop, 1, 19 paper tray bottom, 1, 44 capacity, 84 plain paper, 17 extender for legal paper, 1 main, 1, 44 photo, 1, 44 capacity, 84 selecting, 44 top, 1, 44 capacity, 84 www.


Page 58 Scanning 4. Move the left paper-edge guide to the far left. Insert the envelopes into the tray with the flap up and against the right side of the tray.

Press to select Save as Defaultsthen ezp OK.


Page BLUETOOTH Technology enabled device, 39 from memory card, 33 from USB-connected device, 33 panoramic, 38 tagged, 37 reminder list, 32 sheet music, 32 speed, 82 tagged pictures, 4 tic-tac-toe, 32 two-sided documents automatically, 30 manually, 31 wide-ruled paper, 32 www.

Start Color to print a color picture. Use the phone cord that was provided with the printer. Page 64 LED is off. The printer uses these settings when you scan from the printer control panel. Select Automatically detect multiple picturesif it is not selected. The scanned file is sent to fsp computer on the wireless or Ethernet network.