These operating systems are no longer officially validated as of IEGD In addition, this release contains the following new features and capabilities: It is defined around DVI1. Dual independent display “extended mode” available when supported by the hardware Twin mode same display timings to two displays is supported on hardware with a single video pipe Dual video pipe systems enabled to drive more than two displays, using twin mode on each video pipe. Check the User Guide for more information on how to configure them. Digital Rights Management, a generic term that refers to access control technologies to limit usage of digital media or devices. Check the Clone Configuration sections in the User Guide for specific implementation instructions.

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IEGD LVDS Configuration

The Intel Embedded Graphics Drivers: VExt Vertical Extended Configuration. Go to the folder where you installed CED; usually in C: This depends on the ifgd being used. The profile defines functionality such as compression algorithm and chroma format whereas the level defines quantitative capabilities such as maximum and typical bit rates and maximum frame size.

Typically sDVO devices will be found on port 70h and 72h but your hardware may vary. From a hardware perspective, Twin is comprised of 1 frame buffer, 1 pipe, and 2 ports. BPM format originally was 24 bpp.

IntelĀ® Embedded Graphics Drivers for IntelĀ® Architecture

The Product Specifications include a complete listing of supported features, and can be found on the Intel Embedded Graphics Drivers website. Please contact your local Intel rep in order to obtain any other previous IEGD version intdl listed below. Manually copy the wmvdmod. Please refer to the help in CED for details.


The Open Pluggable Specification OPS helps standardize the design and development of digital signage devices and pluggable media players.

During the driver release development process for example IEGD v Extended Mode in Windows drives two displays simultaneously with continuous widescreen-like content each with independent resolutions. To determine if a particular timing mode can be supported, use the following formula to determine the pixel clock frequency and then determine if it is between 20 MHz and MHz: IEGD supports the following Windows ibtel systems: A type of display configuration that drives two display devices, each displaying the same content, but can have different resolutions and independent timings.

Operating System Abstraction Layer. The driver is not aware that the level shifter for example, the CH is present. Access the link below to obtain more background information on Microsoft Virtual PC mode: QVGA A popular term for a computer display with kegd resolution. Multiple locations are available to obtain this technical information: The configuration file needs to be configured to select which display to use as the primary display.

The process of altering a color based on its angle to lights and its distance from lights to create a photorealistic effect. This document is the compilation of errata for IEGD related publications, and may also contain information that was not previously published.


GMCH has only one dedicated hardware overlay surface. Aero’s purpose is to add more intuition to toolbars and navigation.

The driver uses it csutom instances such as hardware accelerated decode. DXVA is used by the video player software to access the following hardware video acceleration features present in many Intel chipsets: The one exception is if you are running in Twin configuration, you can see the overlay image on both displays.

A storage area that contains information about the current state of a display, including mode number, number of columns, cursor position, etc. Consult the User Guide for a list of rotation instructions and operating system limitations.

Intel Custom Foundry Manufacturing Services

A feature that allows you to have different iefd displays in Clone mode. Basic User Community collaboration Discount codes Special offers. The miniport driver copies these. To rotate a display, the driver must re-render the frame buffer to display rotated which requires use of the 2D and 3D engine for EVERY frame displayed.