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Thanks for the notice. But I put it back, so if you try again you should be able to download. Sorry about that – I don’t know what happened to that file! I’ve only used this driver on OSX Here is or was — it seems to be out of order now a page with an extensive discussion of these drivers and devices that use them.

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In the latter case, try rebooting your machine again, leaving the adapter plugged in.

I still have the iconcephs for the device which was recently purchased and I think I’ll just spring for the Keyspan one–at least that company still is in business. You might want to use rm -ri instead, which will prompt you for every file before removing it. If you look at your system network panel you will notice that “usbserial” is now available as a network port; I guess this means you can, say, use ifoncepts external serial modem with your machine using this adapter.

USB cable success Date: When the driver seemed not to be available anywhere else I provided a copy here, and I’ll keep it here as long as I can: You can also get v.

I’m running system Restart with the iConcepts device plugged into the port, and start the Hotsync application. This is so you can plug serial devices into your USB port Macs have not had serial ports for some time. However I am not sure if they truly will drive the IOconcepts device. The new link you found has a download for v.


Here’s a link to the new 1. There are other brands as well. It’s great to hear that this works with Panther, which I haven’t had time to install yet, and that you could use it with the Psion and what I guess is a java program for syncing.

I have a few days in which I can return the iconcepts adaptor. Tell me which version of OSX you are running, and anything else that might be helpful to other readers. I got a killer deal on an old Palm and it is looking less like a deal every minute.

IOGEAR – GUCA – USB to Serial Adapter

They also have versons for Mac OS 8. Thanks for your message! Where to get it The company werial sold the adapter used to make drivers available at tech. Either the hotsync will begin right away or nothing will happen. You can get the v. There should be a new connection option under the “Connection Settings” tab called “usbserial-port”. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

When you restart you might get a warning dialog; click “Fix and Use”. You can execute this with root permissions by typing sudo pax -pe -ruvf Thank you for your research.


Other Companies iConcepts iConcepts USB to Serial Driver Free Driver Download

If you download the pax archive from here, then cd to jsb download directory in a Terminal window, become root, and type pax -pe -ruvf Comments are handled through email. Let me know if you want me to hide your name, as well.

I think if you find one of these devices for sale you would have a good chance of it working with OS X using one of these driver versions, but there’s no guarantee. Unfortunately, the site you link to does not seem to have the drivers available anymore–either through the browser, or using the terminal.

I’ve only tried this with my old Palm IIIxwhich I set to connect at that device’s highest speedbps with flow control on. The drivers I discuss here can be used, according to some, on a handful of other devices and adapters sold under various names that happen to use iconceppts same chipset.