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Then we need to have a DNS relay and DHCP server on our wlan0 interface so the clients actually get a working Internet connection, and this can be accomplished by configuring dnsmasq. This will create a wlan0. I need to create an acces point on the wlan0 and redirect the traffic on eth0. Then they are again asking for the key. Create a hotspot on Ubuntu I never set up a user name in any configuration file. If you have such hardware you might need to also run rfkill to enable the hardware using a command like rfkill unblock 0.

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Hostadp wanna build a xonf WiFi access point machine, using the tutorial above, but one thing is missing! This took a while. I plugged a netowrk cable into the network adapter on the Pi and put the usb dongle in there.

I set it up on a OLinuXino box running Debian 8 jessie. With a proper Linux server admins can easily SSH into it and run upgrades using the familiar and trusted upgrade channels that Linux server distributions provide.

I tried simply leaving out those two options, gostapd as soon as i bring the interface up, i lose access to the system through ssh. This is a very widely used software and it most likely is available in your Linux distribution by default. The relevant parts for a simple WPA2 protected If not, continue on.


This is a bit field where the first bit 1 is for open auth, the second bit 2 is for Shared key auth WEP and both 3 is both. I am assuming its because it would be two interfaces then on the same subnet and that causes confusion? Please help me out with this.

I want them to connect with each other so that I can Ping them both at the same time. Next you need to edit the network interfaces configuration to force the WLAN card to only run in the access point mode. I have an ubuntu file server setup in my 3rd room.

I had to run this as an Administrator for it to work. It worked fine for some clients — Android was able to access network at once, but Ubuntu asked for username, etc instead of only password.

Hostapd – Gentoo Wiki

To be sure all changes take effect, finish by rebooting the computer. Both have Intel card in it.

I had no problem to setup wireless connection in hotspot because of instruction is given in this post. The only use for this, with a driver that does not support admission control, is for testing purposes.

How can Cnof create it? Using hostapd with nl requires you to have at least libnl If all goes well and the compilation finishes, try the minimal hostapd again, see the section Using Your Distribution’s hostapd above for that. Admission Control Mandatory ACM can be used to limit access to higher priority ACs for traffic control if admission control were implemented but it is not implemented in hostapd today. Before configuring hostapd, you need to know the capabilities of the clients that will be using it.


When choosing which channel to use, it is important to remember that the channels overlap with any channels that are within 20MHz. That should be all of the settings that you’ll need to change for a basic, secure access point using hostapd with an AP enabled mac driver. Also note that the channels available to you depends entirerly on the local regulatory rules.

You needed hpstapd interface running in master mode for standard traffic and another one for authentication, hhostapd management, etc. Now all configuration should be done.

Turn any computer into a wireless access point with Hostapd

I literally copy pasted and only ran into one hurdle. Can anyone please tell me, how many clients can i connect with it to my access point?? The patches are yet to be included in mainline hostapd.

This method is still supported by nl driver as a fallback.