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The system of T8 lamps, ballasts, and sockets represents the latest developments in long life fluorescent lighting. These power supplies have been evaluated for use in LED signs. When these units are connected to a Class 2 supply circuit, they are not to draw a total wattage of greater than the secondary or output rating of the Class 2 supply. Structural panels are not suitable to be used as the enclosure of bare live parts or wiring. LED modules rated for Class 2 input voltage of more than As on all FMS flashers, the contacts are formed of a special silver alloy that performs better than pure silver. Model NEA0 was evaluated based on being connected to a source of supply only by solder leads and have not been evaluated for supply connections made by any type of connector.

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Applications Front-lit exterior and interior mesh banners where weight limits, ventilation or partial visibility requirements prevent use of opaque banner.


Transformers employ Class B insulation system. Contact your GE Representative for details. Suitable for use in outdoor signs. These products are only suitable for connection to a Class 2 power source, rated 24 Volt DC or less. They have a clear, pressure sensitive adhesive which allows quick adhesion to a substrate. If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to call any of the board members or the association s executive director, Patti King, at NOTES montroy L4.

The Neon “Animotion” Controller shall be used within the ratings indicated above. The suitability of the wire shall be considered in end product use. The output of these LED power supplies with Class 2 are acceptable for use in a damp and wet locations.


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Applicable Conditions of Use — A, B. These systems may be used for securement to any combination of surfaces Listed in Table A, provided the use of temperature is no higher than the lowest temperature rating of any element of the combination 3.

Suitable for use with Recognized Component Securement and Tensioning systems. This product is not required to be enclosed or teclps5 from the weather in the end product.

Set temp between degrees. Suitable for use only when contained in an end-product compartment that is a complete electrical enclosure. Research revealed that rare earth chemicals incorporated in phosphor coatings emit extremely narrow bandwidths of light significant because the narrower the bandwidth, the brighter, purer, and more vivid the light emission – the wider the bandwidth, the dimmer and more washed-out.

EGL Ribbon Burners feature a brass burner bar to eliminate warping and side ignition, and an improved economizer valve with O-ring seals to eliminate leakage. These modules have not been evaluated for use and connection to a power supply source with parameters that exceed Class 2 circuit limitations. The secondary circuits of these transformers are not to be interconnected in series or parallel. Wider forgiving voltage range 70 to or to voltsenabling normal lamp operation in case of voltage disruptions.

Suitable grounding is considered necessary for sign application and shall be evaluated in the end use product evaluation. Also, Class 2 cable must be long enough to extend into channel letter enclosure.


The Model 33 chaser features molded terminal blocks, permanently lubricated bearings, and all corrosion resistant surfaces. Consideration shall be given to conducting a temperature test if flasher installed in an enclosure smaller that 12 by 12 by 12 inches, or if mounted within 4 inches of other heat producing components.

Available in all colors including full Intermix System and aerosol. For many years neon in its multitude of colors has been the ldd of choice for performing this task either in the exposed form or as a means of heclps5 channel letters. The suitability of the mounting means is to be determined in the final application. Red Bar has not been evaluated as enclosure or diffuser.

These products are only suitable for connection to a Class 2 power source, rated 12 Volts DC or less. Product must be returned within 10 days of receiving RMA. Gecl;s5 device has been evaluated for dry and damp location use only.

These systems are also suitable where exposed indoors or outdoors to high humidity or occasional exposure to water. These LED drivers have been evaluated using resistive load resulting in the electrical input and output noted below. The suitability of the geclos5 shall be determined in the end-use application.