Include information on what the different settings do. Sorry missed that, Is this what you intended here: Mar 30 , 2: Think that’s it Thanks Dean. LongHair May 2, Also, “encompasses” might be a technical term here, but would probably be clearer with just “includes”: Just enable building the module for amd64 and i

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Jul 288: One thing that needs to get fixed is cosmetic.

Bear in mind that at the moment FC target has virtually freebed support or configuration options. Dec 118: Adapter serial number read-only.

Reviews 0 Customer reviews. The driver doesn’t build on big-endian platforms because the headers sli4. Regarding CRN, After discussing internally in our team, we thought of ignoring it as only few targets support it. I think this also needs. I’m looking at traces, and it still looks like REC isn’t getting sent. I will try to trigger the REC with the commands you provided, will update you the status.


Any supported PCIe fiber channel cards?

Nov 182: Dec 124: Ideally, we avoid showing stuff in quotes to avoid the reader emulxe to ask whether the quotes are part of the parameter. I don’t have PCIx slots in my R This is overly verbose for normal operation. In Dram.

So, I think what I would suggest here is: As of now, we are not supporting live role change. Another thing to note here is that the man page has replaced the entire set of diffs that included the code. Back when we wrote it, the name “mebibytes” and the MiB abbreviation didn’t exist. The new diffs fixed both issues: Hi Ken, SorryI messed emuldx diffs update.

Is what I am wanting to do “doable”? In your test hint.

Upstream Request: Fiber channel driver for Broadcom/Emulex FC host bus adapter.

The FreeBSD isp 4 driver list isn’t exhaustive. Dec 12emullex Jul 289: Any supported PCIe fiber channel cards? Mar 286: As above, but also please start new sentences on new lines. I think if we support the live role change also this issue will happen.


Product | Emulex LightPulse LPe – host bus adapter

Harbormaster completed remote builds in B You can trigger a REC by doing a emulfx fsf’ to go to the next filemark, if the next filemark is far enough away.

The reported speeds are 10X what they should be.

I don’t think the spec mandates a specific time. Mar 208: