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Must be able to live in Atlanta or thereabouts. The songs aren’t terrible, nor even borderline mediocre, but this release when absorbed as a whole isn’t that exciting. Word of mouth gets around As i said before, they are just having fun. I guess they’re gonna get us in the studio again in March. For one, Dave Slocum sounds much like Brian Johnson were he to fall and soak in an alcohol filled oak barrel.

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At least that’s what I deduced from this record. Yeah, of course we’re just another collective bunch. Laughing There you go, I bet the shows are more relaxed that way too Laughs A lot of alcohol, man, that’s what makes a good Artimus show Thanks to all y’all that came out to shows, let us crash, and all that hoopla.

We’ll be out with a band called Valient Thorr and Nebula for awhile, on a west coast tour Until then, one will have to do with Artimus Pyledriver album, though the record shouldn’t bore you anytime soon. I heard that Dez from Devildriver is credited for helping you guys sign to your current label which is DRT. It’s a voice that may take a while for a listener to get used to. I mean, we beat it to slocuum, you know?


No witty lyrics like Clutch. The bulk pyledgiver these memorable tracks are of the mid-tempo stomping variety, led by Dave Slocum ‘s smoke-damaged think a southern Brian Johnson vocals and the hot licks of Damon Goldsmith and Jimmy Hall. JamesIIIMarch 15th, So why do I care to review a record by this band?

More than anything, their display of southern pride is an excuse for them to have fun, nothing more really. Or do you rehearse it to a point where you’re a well oiled machine, and when you get up there everything’s tight?

A lot of beer! If we were in the same kind of position, I would like to believe that we would be afforded the opportunity to spend two hours on stage being ridiculous and doing shit like that!

They’re pretty much about real shit that goes on in our lives, you know They didn’t inform their fans what’s going on in the band very well.


We try to stick to a certain path or routine, but we’re spontaneous as fuck and anything can happen. AP offers plenty of riffs that sounds like Lynyrd Skynyrd or Down. xave


What’s you’re out look on the band? You’re like – Dude ,you own a Honda What inspires your songs?

Artimus Pyledriver

You can also send an e-mail to blabbermouthinbox gmail. A region of our country responsible for producing some of the best known and most genuine musical legends ever.

Must be able to live in Atlanta or thereabouts. From professional perspective, they were quite sorry, to be dead honest. Or do you all have jobs outside of the band also?

You’ve worked your way up the ladder For one, Dave Slocum sounds much like Brian Johnson were he to fall and soak in an alcohol filled oak barrel.

We don’t live out in Bumblefuck, man! This band’s brand of “Southern stomp-ass” as described by the band themselves is pyledeiver to be taken purely for fun, but there are times it became a complete turn-off from the music.

Yeah, damn right, man!