Hard Disk Drive


The logic of polling is much simpler than waiting on an IRQ. The drive will send an IRQ when it is good and ready. If there is no device, then the Status value will be 0. If it did, it is necessary to read the Regular Status Register once, to make the disk clear its interrupt flag. This funtion reads AX and sets that video mode.

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This will reset both ATA devices on the bus. If not I suggest you look back at Chapter 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

CMP IOPort Driver Drivers

One or both of the drives on the bus may be in DMA mode, or have data block sizes other than bit values. So, it is actually smarter to have your driver remember the last value sent to each Drive Select IO port, to avoid doing unneeded drive selections, if the value did not change.

Okay, what is Chapter 4 about? On the Primary bus, this would be port 0x1F6. Personal tools Log in. That works fine However, I want to make it interactive, i.

Drives only respond to newly written values of nIEN when they are the selected drive on the bus.


Their functionality is almost completely identical. In case of ‘hang’ it never clearsdo a software reset.


This makes up for the fact that you need to add the absolute LBA of the beginning of ioporg current partition to every “relative” LBA value passed to the driver.

You mean keyboard input? However, you will see controller detection code around, and it is a good thing to be able to recognize it, and know what it is for. Several programmers have reported problems making nIEN work. Well, this should be a short word, and it’s getting long already, so just look at the Source.

Now let’s get going!

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Also, there is more emphasis now on returning as quickly as possible out of the IRQ handler routine.

W e’ve already seen the DIV instruction, but there are much more mathematical instructions. I think I didn’t use any new instructions or directives. If they are not there, your only chance of finding them is to enumerate the disk controllers on the PCI bus.

Wattch – Mathematical software – swMATH

If you are using polling see belowyou should account for the fact that your first four reads of the Status Register, after sending your command byte, may have the ERR or DF ckp still set accidentally.


Then we make AX 0 because we want to start at the first colour in the palette, we output this to the port. We use a JC to test if we need to output a “1” or a “0”. A lot of these conditional jumps can be combined.

I used INT 21h subfunction 02 to output to the screen. This must be clear for CHS transfers, as said above.

This instruction uses one operand, the memory location to loop to. Sign up using Facebook.

Before sending any data to the IO ports, read the Regular Status byte. For example jump to a special routine when two iioport have the same value. Nothing fancy, but just a small working program. Two times mem is not allowed. You can simply verify this, before your next Device Select command — that the previously selected device cleared BSY and DRQ properly at command completion.

After a CMP conditional instructions can be used to act on iopot result of the compare.