In fact, they’ve once again gone one better than anyone else, allowing you to actually view panoramas you’ve shot directly within the camera! Don’t blame blurry pictures on the camera when you’re blithely hand-holding shots even a pro would shy away from! Power The QV is powered by four standard 1. PhotoDeluxe includes the greatest number of “guided activities,” and the most fonts and project templates, while Ixlaphoto includes “album” organization capabilities, tools for business presentations, and the ability to create simple web pages. We can’t verify this, but suggest you be very careful not to push your batteries too far: When moving from a brightly-lit scene to a dimmer one, there’s a delay of a four or five seconds while the smaller aperture is switched in or out. The built-in automatic flash has a specified working range of 2.

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How can this be? Like its “big brother,” the QV camera is unique in offering a wide range of unusual features, many of which we found highly useful. On a positive note though, the QV’s images were almost entirely free of the color artifacts that plague most digital cameras when taking pictures of high-contrast objects with fine detail.

While the automatic white balance setting works well in most circumstances, the incandescent setting provides a much more neutral color cast under incandescent lighting. The QV-Link software is quite straightforward in its operation, and versions for both Mac and PC platforms ship with the camera.

The problem seems to involve the balance between room light, light from the flash, and the assumptions the camera’s white-balance circuitry is making about the light source. Finally, thanks to the qvv-770 lens, you can turn the camera so the LCD q-v770 the subjects, so everyone can see the big, bright numbers counting down the time until the exposure.


In the “normal” setting, everything from 2. The wider setting corresponds to a very fast f2.

Casio QV-770 (1998)

For casual one-on-one sharing, the built-in LCD screen is often sufficient. On “forced on” or “fill”Off, and Automatic.

Don’t blame blurry pictures on the camera when you’re blithely hand-holding shots even a pro would shy away cawio Overall, we found the image quality of the QV to be a bit better than average for VGA-resolution cameras, with improved color saturation relative to the QV Operation and User Interface Given all its operating modes and features, you might expect the QV to be complex to operate.

Titles are created by capturing a high-contrast image using a special recording mode, selecting one of several standard banner formats, choosing title and banner colors, and finally picking an image to drop the title onto. The advantage of a direct LCD viewfinder is that it avoids the parallax problems of optical viewfinders at close quarters, letting you see sv-770 what the lens is looking at, a particularly useful feature when doing vq-770 photography.

Casio QV-770 Manuals

While the QV lacks the time-lapse capability of the QV, it adds two new and interesting modes: On the QV, panoramas may only be taken with the camera in a horizontal “landscape” orientation, so the menu button has no function.

Instead of stopping its continuous recording with the button-press, it starts it instead. Qv-77 you don’t have direct sunlight falling on the LCD panel, you can get a pretty good idea of what the exposure will look like on the final image. Conclusion Overall, the QV is a very nice package: We vacillate somewhat though, as to how frequently the typical user will take advantage of this capability.

In this mode, the LCD panel acts as a viewfinder, but also gives you some information on camera settings: If you know your shooting conditions, you can use the camera’s “manual” mode to permanently choose one aperture or the other. From there, it’s easy to select multiple images for download, and then pull down all the selected shots in a single download.


While it didn’t prove to be much of a problem under normal shooting conditions, the tonal range of qvv-770 QV is also somewhat compressed: There are four compensation steps available in each direction.


Qv–770 second, multi-shot mode counts down a 10 second delay, and then takes four pictures in rapid succession the “future” mode. In the QV, Casio fixed one of our minor interface gripes: And be blamed for falsely “hyping” their products. As mentioned earlier though, you may need to wait a few seconds after making a change, as there seems to be a slight time lag built into the camera’s autoexposure circuitry.

The key is to become comfortable with the interaction between the back-panel “mode” button and the “menu” button on the top panel.

Excepting only its “big brother” the QV, you probably get more capability in one qv-7700 in terms of ways you can capture images, and things you can do with them than with any other product on the market, and at an excellent price point to boot. The neatest trick is the QV’s “Past” mode, in which the camera captures three frames of data before you press the shutter button!

Viewfinder Casio originated the concept of an LCD panel as the camera viewfinder, and continues that tradition in caxio QV