Our innovative optical approach enables us to achieve an occlusion-capable OST-HMD system with a very compelling form factor and high optical performances which are far beyond any of the solutions currently available in laboratory. Improved body armor increases the survivability of the military, the law enforcement and border patrol personnel. This uniqueness and capability also makes the system more complex than a standard launch canister. MedSight provides a low risk, high impact solution to SBIR solicitation A based on cutting edge technology with long term commercial and military applications. Creare proposes to develop a passive sensor of cumulative humidity exposure to assist manufacturers with monitoring water vapor contamination of CMC reinforcement materials. Radar range determines the standoff distance and the range at which a target can be engaged. The treated water must meet secondary treatment standards, and the processing system must be rugged, easy to use, consume less than 1 kW of power, occupy approximately 1 yd3, and use minimal consumables.

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For military communications, the high atmospheric propagation loss of THz frequencies is of particular interest fs; it provides enhanced data security and jam resistance for short range communication links. The current industry practice of using humidity threshold sensors and manual logging are highly inadequate in determining ceramic fabric damage due to moisture exposure. Moreover, tactical-grade 3 D attitude performance is obtained with commercial-grade inertial measurement unit IMU components.

Flight Strip Printer

The encapsulated ADN powders will be evaluated for improvements in sensitivity and moisture stability and compared against commercial ADN materials. However, Phase II and beyond will address the human case in addition to the robot case.

This effort will develop innovative techniques to provide target classification of ground moving target indication GMTI contacts using simultaneous and continuous streaming SAR imagery of moving targets within the scene.

The AISTS will support mission success by accurate registration of elapsed time associated with dynamic events, while both in-flight and in-storage on ground. Fep Purification for Organ Failure Abstract: However, it has a low melting point and highly hygroscopic in nature. The objective of this SBIR program is to develop advanced non beam- steering adaptive weighting algorithms that mitigate potential code and carrier phase bias errors introduced by Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna CRPA nulling algorithms.


Fusion welding is a well established process with a wide variety of choices for inducing heat at the interface for many configurations, except for cylinders.

There is a significant need to develop better platform technologies for these injuries and translate them into clinical and commercial use. Creare proposes to develop, build, and test a novel high performance MEMS gyro compass based on the most accurate MEMS rate gyroscopes currently available.

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Unprecedented spectral acquisition rates are enabled by our high speed resonant FTIR spectrometer coupled with the CI engine. The proposed program will develop a recipe for fusion welding thermoplastic composite missile airframe lap joints.

In addition to preventing the chemical agents from rapidly penetrating through the fabric, UDC will evaluate the addition of reactive nanoparticles that will neutralize or ffsp chemical warfare agents that permeate into the polymer. With the format of eye safety goggles, it is ergonomic, compact, and lightweight and provides minimal reduction of the see-through FOV. Open wounds are the leading type of battlefield wounded-in-action casualties in military operations and improvement on current treatment is needed to reduce morbidity and accelerate recovery.

In particular, the position and 3-D attitude estimate of the navigation system is significantly more robust during periods when fewer than four satellites are available due to jamming or line-of-sight obstructions.

The proposed modeling tool is needed in order to produce consistent mechanical properties of manufactured composite structure. Improved Consolidation of Nanopowders Abstract: In the Phase I Option, Mainstream will fabricate an initial full-scale prototype with preliminary electronics and automation, and also perform life testing on the bench-scale unit.


Phase II focuses on further validation of this methodology for rotorcraft for a variety of steady, descent, and maneuver operations while accounting for terrain and atmospheric effects. Management Sciences MSI has developed fundamental technologies boa improve situation awareness and agility in dynamic, uncertain environments. This problem becomes significantly more complex at Ku and Fso bands. Volatile organic compounds VOCs and toxic industrial chemicals TICs both pose a significant threat to DoD personnel both in the field as well as in established infrastructure such as large buildings.

This palette may include: Many possible choices exist, for many different applications — comms, EW electronic warfareradar, etc. A stressed skin design will achieve the desired weight and performance improvements by distributing load stresses throughout the canopy and frame, so fso all components mechanically work together, reducing the bulk and mass of each element.

Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. The Phase I program will focus on further development of an existing nanopowder bulk density improvement process, and couple it with new developments in powder pressing technology to yield performs of improved density and structural uniformity. In vitro physical, analytical and microbial testing will be conducted to provide feasibility of the engineered construct.

SA Photonics proposes a wide field of view high data rate, short range tunable THz radio. The system will be based entirely on the controller side and will work for general UAVs. The EAPS program plans on taking the technology developed for the NLOS canister and pushing it one step further by packaging multiple missiles within each canister.