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The tone isn’t really mid-scooped, or mid-humped, though as you boost the treble and bass, you’re going to wind up with a defacto mid-scoop. Home Forums Recent Posts. Bass and Treble are cut-boost, not just the typical cut. MadFrank , Aug 2, The term “overdriver” was very literal. Aug 2, 2. Jagermonster , Aug 2,

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Aug 3, Got it with rewards points from my credit card off of Amazon.

[NPD] Black Forest Overdrive : guitarpedals

The BAT webpage doesn’t seem to have a direct link or anything. There is no right or wrong way! The place for all things related to guitar pedals. Even with the gain and volume up, pretty much all the noise I was hearing was from my single-coils. He said production model will have a slightly different knob layout and Sparkle Black powdercoat along with that bad ass “forest” image.


Overdriiver uploading good quality photos i.

Black Arts Toneworks : Black Forest

I’ve got the same pedal old school graphics thoughand I absolutely love it. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. It also seems foresst interact with the overall gain structure somewhat. Bass and Treble are cut-boost, not just the typical cut.

The headroom on this thing is enormous. Up front, I’ve got old and uneducated ears.

Aug 2, 9. Not the Black Forest. How can get on an advanced pre-order list or mailing list for this pedal?

It’ll be interesting to see if it cleans up my OCD clone. On thing ive found though is that unless the gain is pretty much all the way up, I don’t get too much break up. Aug 2, 3. Sorry if that came off as overly OCD; no hate intended!

Want to add to the discussion? Please blak the search bar before you start another thread, and try to be detailed when asking a question. Search Media New Media. What’s in the Altoid overdrived


MadFrankAug 2, Aug 2, 1. And the artwork, WOW!

Gear posts not about pedals do not belong here – please check below for a list of related gear subs. Unlike a lot of other pedals, where if you boost it, it won’t get dirtier at the same volume, it’ll just get louder. Aug 2, 7. DraggAmpsAug 2, The overwhelming characteristic that jumped out at me was how articulated it was.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Spoke with Mark a bit about stacking capabilities, particularly when driving a Pharaoh, sounds promising to say the least. Pharoh and LSTR are probably my favorite dirt pedals ever 2.