I live in Canada and from Nov 1st to March 15th we are no supose to park on the road overnight for this simple fact that the plows do our streets, I will be honest I would have the same reaction as him, if you are to stupid to park your car in the driveway because you have to shovel snow first, then deal with the plow. Chances are if the frame is that rotted, the rest the truck is long gone Unlike Chevrolet, Toyota trucks frames rot away if you piss to close to the gas tank. Aceshigh , Feb 26, I have a picture of the local dealers pile of tundra frames they have replaced. What a freakin D Bag!!

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That makes complete sense.

So all the people that had been the cause of him losing his job need to do something to help him get it back. Opinions are like assholes and everybodys got one. They do some good tech with a very very solid nod toward the funny side of things as well.

Whether in a truck, a buggy, or on a bike, going through a whoops section and casing the nose into the next whoop is never good. Gearheads will note that Ark City best Stop being a baby, sell your car and buy a bike and pedel your faggy ass around, Bitch.


The problem is we live in s pussified world world!

Cool Snow Plows You Won’t See in Boston

That way you can buy a space that does not have this problem. The people that fired him have no balls. Hope y can sleep good at night knowing that u were part of the lose of his job and u see r self in the mirror in the morning.

Your boss may not like you being late,but at least you got to work. Getting fired- that bostom the boss making a call to cover the integrity of company. Digging out was big work for everyone and virtually every person in the eastern half of Massachusetts where this is being written!

Laugh at life if you can. He is vindictive, and just an overall waste of space.

You will feel better. While the treachery of racing thousands of miles across hellacious desert landscapes presents some This video combines a couple of themes we have had today. He learned a lesson! The people that are parked in the street that get plowed in are in legal spaces, on the side of the street that they are allowed to be on. Not the case for that video, but as strange as it sounds, they actually do make em that way. So You fuck me I would fuck u,or better yet just before the storm take a pry bar to the back of your windows.


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Leave it in the road? Love you bro ps redox suck…. Kinda of boss that would be fired if held to the standards he expects bostonn others. I have a picture of the local dealers pile of tundra frames they have replaced. I’ve seen that before, a stepside was rusted through between the cab and the bed.

In honor of this storm, I dug up a classic video that we first ran a couple years ago. Feb 26, 8.


Mar 15, Bryan McTaggart 5. No ones happy either way. Mar 10, Bryan McTaggart ppow. Did you know that at Stockholm International Airport, they have never had a flight cancellation due to poor weather? They are cool in their own right, but Mar 15, Brian Lohnes 1.