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User profile for user: I do not know what to do, help? Feb 20, 5: Depending on the model, if the warranty is not valid it will cost you a certain apercentage of the phone’s price. Luckily i love what i do so i went deep into it till i found what was causing the problem. Mar 28,

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Ask a question Reset. After multiple fails of trying to restore the phone i decided to take it apart. I’m trying to meet with my friend who fixed it tomorrow so hopefully she will see a simple solution.

Apple Nudging Smartphone Makers to Boost NAND

I’ve basically ruled out water damage after checking the indicators! This helphs worked qpple camera flex and phone update i will replace the display with new 1. Jan 23, Posted on Oct 6, Apple will charge you for it depending if it is still under warranty or not.

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E92MAC,your solution worked like a charm. My main question is should I risk restoring the phone, and hoping that works? You need to change IC in the picture it work for me without restore. Jan 26, 8: Get proper tools before opening it.


If the front camera problem occurred before the phone was opened it is unlikely to be related to this newest problem. My iphone 5 wont move Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Now, the phone will bring up the apple logo on a black screen, but it does nothing.

what is physical nand block offset 16 – Apple Community

I also dropped my phone in the sink last night, but it was in its life proof, dried immediately and kept working fine. I’ve tried to restore it, and the only reason I did was because my internet connection gave out with less than an hour left, but now I’m rethinking my decision.

Phone was showing codes when trying to turn on and wouldn’t let me restore the phone. Some Users have reported that as many as 8 or 9 attempts, using that Articlewere necessary before success.

Especially in very dry weather; it doesn’t take much of a static discharge to destroy an iphone or any sensitive electronic device. Any help would be much appreciated.

User profile for user: It’s always risky opening an iPhone, which is why Apple considers it serious enough so they appoe fix a phone that has been opened. Nov 22, 4: I’be tried to restart etc, and may have accidentally wiped out my phone by putting it in recovery mode.


If you don’t see any ;pn dots then water probably did not get into the phone, so that would be one less concern.

[NAND] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout Error – Apple Community

I’ve seen some actual Apple employees post on the discussions but nothing useful; the typical have nxnd read the troubleshooting steps, here’s some links to error messages, etc Jan 2, 2: I backed it up this month so it wouldn’t be a total loss, but I would be losing some really pretty pictures. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: When iTunes finally gives up, it will throw an unexpected error of either or I’ve seen similar discussions such as: When I plugged it into a wall outlet with the original USB cord and wall adapter, it initially showed that it had a low battery.

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