My wife, who came in and sat down a moment ago, described her own amazement at the latter, and at the clarity of the softly struck triangle in Bach’s Prelude 2 in c. Stereophile’s Products of Kingko Audio and Omega. Submitted by Steve Eddy on May 8, – 8: I would like to see JA take his analysis kit to the Valencias. I had the Altecs sitting in my garage for almost two years.

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This will show that there is continuity across the simple coil of wire on the coil former, just like an Edison incandescent light bulb. Dec 13, Likes Received: Miyajima Saboten L phono cartridge. My wife said OK to bringing them into the living room as long as I put them in a nice enclosure. The time now is I recently fell in love with the big horn systems after decades of wide dispersion, dipoles, Apogee Stages, Magneplanars.

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I believe if you will read them you will find a lot of guidance, and that you can build crossovers for that speaker that will be an improvement over the original. Rex AeternaOct 13, The two aptec are two completely differant animals that do not live in the same jungle.


The Z looks even better from behind, with its heavily ribbed frame, an alnico magnet the size and shape of a 28oz can of beans, and lustrous hammertone paint in Altec’s trademark shade of pale, slightly bluish green: Your name or email address: Where the River Goes. Although it’s fun to imagine those high-enders who would head straight for the nearest fainting couch at the sight of the Altecs’ tiny terminals, the fact is that those connectors really are crazy.

Pictures of your speakers and projects are always a help to all of us.

It will turn out differently, I assure you. The Altec horn measures 18″ wide by 7″ high, and its front is curved to a radius of perhaps 12″ or so. Originally Posted by vot. Originally Altrc by Scott.

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The which zltec I used to dismiss all that complexity and expense of trying to 8806a the room from the equation. I have 4 altec B horns laying around now, I just need appropriate pair of compression drivers and woofers. Art, if you really want to be blown away, get yourself a pair of GPA’s current-productionwith crossovers from Selah Audio, and put them on a pair of JE Labs-style open baffles. I think these are keepers.


Sep 27, Likes Received: Yes, listening to Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald right now. In a moment of stupidity I order a driver off that auction site that was 16 ohm when I needed a 8 ohm Note, also, that the distinctly modern-looking threaded connectors on the drivers themselves are way bigger, and probably way better, than the screw terminals on the rear panels.

Hi Scott, You’re welcome. There are several long threads here about Valencias and their crossovers. Do any of you know anytihng about these, any tecnical data sensitivity etc would be apprechiated.

Plan on using just 2 horns for now, maybe make a surround system later Gordon Holtwas among the most ardent admirers of the Altec Voice of the Theater footnote 3. I was considering the Salk Songtower as the line drive was supposed to compensate for the smaller driver size. Differences in DCR are not deal killers, necessarily. The sensitivity specs for the A should be identical to the shown here: The first front horn I put together was a JBL ?