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Olympus Cabinet Altec Driver any Thoughts? I dont know if it was redone or not – I remember that JBL had some drivers that said 16 ohm but they were all 8ohm – I was hoping this was the same kind of deal – I saw some heathkit a drivers on auction right now that read around 14 ohms for each 8 ohm on label – anywayI’m just trying to get a handle on the varible ohm reading. I have had a 16 ohm pair for over twenty years an never had much luck with them mounted on either the B or the B. Your name or email address: If you swap out the ‘s for two ‘s, will the stock Valencia hz crossover be ideal or would it be better to use Model 19 crossovers that have a hz crossover frequency with the ‘s?

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I recently fell in love with the big horn systems after decades of wide dispersion, 806, Apogee Stages, Magneplanars. Being a 4″, the high end was indeed raspy.

The time now is Hi Scott, You’re welcome. Its low-frequency driver is the Altec Z, whose With just a bit of luck, the careful reader may have guessed the model designation of the Valencia’s crossover network; it’s the Altec NF, in which, I assume, the N stands for network and the F for filter.


Altec a driver help

I have aletc lone orphan horn here and quite a few different Altec 1″ drivers doing nothing but holding my shop down to the ground, in case the earth’s gravity thingy fails! Where the River Goes. Also, will the sound “right” in the Valencias?

The which reads Recording of December I believe if you will read altev you will find a lot of guidance, and that you can build crossovers for that speaker that will be an improvement over the original.

Viewed from the highway, the outskirts of Waterbury looked grim, but that was nothing compared to my destination city: It was a fine drive: Discussion in ‘ Speakers ‘ started by purr1nOct 2, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Sep 24, Likes Received: Now I’m not so sure You’re doing just fine!

Sep 28, Likes Received: When measuring across the voice coil with a resistance meter, your are sltec the static resistance measured in Ohms of the coil in DC, or direct current. I turned right at the corner nearest the warehouse and saw, from the corner of my eye, a large, colorful sign nailed to the siding of an otherwise nondescript white house: Yep, the woofer are the 8ohm 806z – I emailed GPA to see about drivers and I guess I need the x-overs – will start looking There are several long threads here about Valencias and their crossovers.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the model number of the filter used with the above-mentioned horn.


Gordon Holtwas among the most ardent admirers of the Altec Voice of the Theater footnote 3. If you swap out the ‘s for two ‘s, will the stock Valencia hz crossover be ideal or would it be better to use Model 19 crossovers that have a hz crossover frequency with the ‘s? This will show that there is continuity across the altev coil of wire on the coil former, just like an Edison incandescent light bulb.

Altec 806A + 511B Horn + Beyma 12″

Buying new diaphragms is not a bad idea, in any case. The seller was a big, friendly bear of a man who seemed unperturbed by his surroundings, and who had no difficulty hoisting the speakers by himself.

Recording of November And speaking of God, it’s interesting to note that this magazine’s founder, J. There’s even more 8066a crap around the house or inside boxes. After that, I backed up my car to the tiny front porch of our house so I could unload a pair of Altec Valencia loudspeakers I’d collected the day before: Do you already have an account?