SCSI and RAID Devices


Introduce a policy for controlling channel affinity – Drivers: Avoid that SCSI device removal through sysfs triggers a deadlock – iscsi target: Fix race condition in IRQ mask update – clk: Prevent unaligned accesses during stack unwinding – MIPS: Change log for linux-snapdragon package in Ubuntu. Populate group ID from vnode status – afs:

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Inhibit IPv4-mapped src address on the wire. Fix command bad flow on command entry allocation failure – net: Fix window dimensions change handling – perf bench numa: Fix crash after failure to read BOS descriptor – uwb: Fix baudrate calculation – KVM: Published in precise -updates on Don’t expose half-written comm when creating kthreads – uprobes: Fix buffers on stack – usb: Turn off write permission on the hypercall page – Linux 4.

Fix legacy firmware PEM-specific resources – sysfs: Restructure the clockevents code – Drivers: Avoid delays during VF driver device shutdown LP: Change the name of the dead type to “. Inherit the tracing setting to next ring buffer – i2c: Fix tlb flushing when lguest clears PGE – thp: Fix connection if directed advertising and privacy is used – Linux linkx.


Enforce kprobes teardown after testing – PCI: Allow bdi re-registration – bdi: Enforce kprobes teardown after testing – thermal: Count LRO packets correctly – net: Only powered up enabled acpi child devices – mmc: Add copy into pages callback for a read operation – CIFS: Check the parent instance to prevent the NULL – fm10k: Clearing way for security update.

Remove double-check after interrupt – i2c: Fix invalid SPI use during system suspend – spi: Drop krefs for interrupted tty lock – serial: Fix full width counter, counter overflow – crypto: V22 not assume irq 8 for rtc when there are no legacy irqs – Input: Use register offsets with writes too – bus: Decrypt and process small encrypted packets – CIFS: Operation for checking if an action is available – seccomp: Remove redundant check for unknown labeling behavior – arm Remove the device cleanly in the system shutdown path – scsi: Airites missing unlock in error branch – f2fs: