Multifunction Devices


Initial setup If your Soundstation does not automatically register More information. You must precise if you accept all the traffic or only a restricted part. It includes procedures for:. The phone is setup as a SIP telephony device. By default the Freedom Fone server is allocated a secondary fixed IP address of Checking Computer Network Settings: If you are connecting to the OfficeRoute for the first time, or connecting after a factory reset, you can use the OfficeRoute wizard.

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Select the modify icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to edit details on this screen. If you need More information. It includes procedures for:. Chapter 1 Configuring Basic Connectivity This chapter describes the settings for your Internet connection and your wireless local area network LAN connection.

Indicate the port must be the same than the SIP client declared in office route heresee officerouge. Sometimes your browser will not allow you to enter the Username and Passwordinstead it will keep redisplaying the Username it has cached in memory. Please use port officerouhe example Fill some SIP name.

The Remove count specifies from which point of the prefix the OfficeRoute should start removing digits. Select Upload licence from the menu on the left hand side.


2N Office Route gateway

This gateway can be useful for testing on the field with real devices. At the time of writing this guide the current firmware version is 2. Note that the default IVR menu is assigned a service number of You can try to make a call to extension where you have set ME feature. Snom and Elastix Server Setup Guide http: Configuration guide for Switchvox and Cbeyond.

Installation SatLink Connecting More information.

Look for the code snippet shown below and change the ‘host’ setting to the new IP address you have officeriute to the OfficeRoute. You can view the firmware version under the System information section – check for the line which displays Version.

Virtual Office User Guide Version 1. As you will ofdiceroute have figured out, it is possible to have each GSM module SIM card pointing to the same or a different IVR menu by changing the service name associated with the module.

In this menu you will have to associate a Service name e.

2n Officeroute 1xumts GB

We re going to configure a SIP Trunk. Checking Computer Network Settings: Getting started Xopero Backup Build your private cloud backup environment Getting started Jocelyn Martin 3 years ago Views: Project Consulting Do you need help with a project? To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. By default the Officroute card in slot 4 GSM module – 4 in screenshot below is configured to direct all incoming calls on this number directly to the Leave-a-message with service Where to Buy To lfficeroute a product locally, please find an authorised partner.


Look for the code snippet shown below and change the ‘ip address’ setting to the new IP address you have allocated to the OfficeRoute. Incomming ME number must be in international format. Kerio Operator is based More information.

In our example we created DISA line See the picture below. Use the edit function pencil on the row with user Admin. Default ports used by Eyemax system are: When everything is configured we ll be able to More information.